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Gate City Figure Skating Club & Conway Arena's Annual Spring Show Draws on Inspirational Themes

On June 3, 2017, skaters from Conway Arena's Learn to Skate program and the Gate City Figure Skating Club  presented their annual spring show to the theme "Live-Love-Skate".  The heartfelt performances to songs such as "Wings", "I Will Survive" and "Try Everything" resonated with the theme as ten groups and eight soloists entertained the audience.

Guest skaters Cate Fleming and Jedidiah Isbell were a highlight of the show, and club skater Jenna CaraDonna was honored as the top fund raiser in the club's Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer fundraiser in April. 

After the show, skaters and their families relaxed at the now-traditional cast party which featured open ice for skating, refreshments and cake.

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Nick Perna and Sheila Thelen Hold Skating Clinic at Conway


On August 18th, skaters gathered at the rink for an an intensive session of off- and on-ice training by elite skating instructors Sheila Thelen and Nick Perna.  The seminar began at 10 a.m. with two hours of off-ice instruction and continued on the ice from noon until 4 p.m.

Sheila is a PSA Master Rated coach with more than 25 years of coaching experience.  She currently teaches in and around the Twin Cities in MN.  She has also been a presenter at PSA, CFSA, and ISI International Conferences.

Sheila is the Designer and President of Champion Cords which produces training aids for skaters that teach alignment, position, muscle memory, body awareness, and technique.  She is also the President of Champion Skating Harness, a company that specializes in off-ice harnesses for jump air position training.  She is the Executive Director of Grassroots to Champions and was Skating Director of a large skating school in Minnesota for over 10 years.

Nick is a National, International, and World coach and has been coaching for over 30 years.  He’s been on the faculty of several Team USA Training Camps and has been instrumental in the development of many skating champions worldwide.  His students have included Michael Weiss, Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes and all have benefited from his innovative coaching ideas and knowledge of the hand-held jump harness.  

Nick is perhaps most well known for his pioneering and promotional work with the hand-held jump harness.  The hand-held harness, also called a pole harness, allows skaters to use their normal jump entries while providing safety, a sense of security, and added flight time when attempting difficult jumps.  Nick has used the hand-held harness since it was created.  In fact, because he’s been using the pole harness so often and for so long, almost everyone in the skating industry thinks he invented it.

Nick has been teaching with Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger for over thirty years at the Fairfax Ice Arena in Fairfax, Virginia.  Nick is also a faculty member of Audrey Weisiger’s Grassroots to Champions seminar series.  Nick regularly works with skaters from around the country and around the world.


Important dates

August 23:  Annual Meeting, 6:15 at Conway Arena

August 28:  Test Session

July birthdays

  • Isabella Fortuna
  • Emily Frederickson
  • Katie Gustafson
  • Isabelle Hallisey
  • Shreya Khanal
  • Sarah Moreau
  • Sarah Mosher
  • Alyssia Perron
  • Emma Siler
  • Olivia Tall
  • Kali Waterman
  • Julia Zhang

Synchro news

Synchro Stars teams have already started practicing for the 2017-2018 season and are busy lining up their competition schedule.

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Representing (home club) members from April 1 - July 31, 2017

  • Meghan Dugan:  Senior Moves In The Field
  • Julia Fellows:  Hickory Hoedown
  • Maggie Fitzgerald:  Juvenile Free Skating, Intermediate Free Skating, Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
  • Genevieve Gratton:  Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Preliminary Dance Test
  • Isabella Hesselton:  Preliminary Moves In The Field
  • Catherine Hovan:  Novice Moves In The Field
  • Noelle Lazzari:  Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
  • Marina Mousis:  Preliminary Free Skating
  • Paige Rowan:  Juvenile Free Skating
  • Sarah Strickrott:  Juvenile Moves In the Field
  • Jia Waterman:  Intermediate Moves In The Field, Juvenile Free Skating

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  • April (tests passed January through March)
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Please note that there is sometimes a delay in test information getting posted on the USFS website.

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