Gate City Figure Skating Club Officers Step Down But Leave Their Mark

The Gate City Figure Skating Club would like to recognize outgoing President Jennifer Hallisey for her extraordinary services.  Jen became president of the club in 2011.  In the time since, she led the club to an impressive array of accomplishments: the first club charity event (a 2012 exhibition to benefit the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation), the formation of a Junior Activities Committee, a number of community service projects, most notably a popular holiday Drop and Shop event, and last spring’s very successful Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer event which raised $9,000 for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and $3,000 for a local family struggling with cancer.

Supported by a dedicated group of board members, Jen has worked tirelessly in conjunction with Director of Skating Lisa Langley to ensure that every show, competition, community service project and test session was successful.  That is no small task with an annual Learn to Skate competition, skate swap, holiday show, spring show, and four test sessions a year.  In recent years the club has also sponsored a number of special skater training workshops with top level coaches and trainers.  In the spring of 2017 the club hosted weekly club ice sessions for the first time ever, providing additional skating opportunities to supplement the rink’s freestyle ice sessions.  In 2016, the club launched a new website, and debuted a new logo and a new array of club clothing.  The club has been recognized several times in U.S. Figure Skating’s SKATING magazine for its activities.  In addition the club runs social events and parent education efforts throughout the year.  Jen knows most of the club skaters personally and many of the parents as well. 

Though currently taking a well-deserved break from the club president role, Jen remains on the board and will continue to be a critical part of the organization, hopefully for many years to come.  Former club Vice-President Gary Read is the new club President.

The Club would also like to recognize outgoing Treasurer and board member Judy Jones for her dedicated service over the last five years.  After joining the board (for the second time) in 2012, Judy was instrumental in sorting out the club’s financial history and IRS relationship.  She became Treasurer in 2013 and applied a new level of professionalism to the club’s financial tracking and reporting.  She was one of the driving forces in getting the 2016-2017 club on-line fall and spring stores up and running, a critical contributor to the success of the Sk8 to Elimin8 event, and a perrennial volunteer at club events, where she (and her cash box) were a familiar sight.  She kept us organized and on the straight and narrow and left some big shoes to fill!


Nick Perna and Sheila Thelen Hold Skating Clinic at Conway


On August 18th, skaters gathered at the rink for an an intensive session of off- and on-ice training by elite skating instructors Sheila Thelen and Nick Perna.  The seminar began at 10 a.m. with two hours of off-ice instruction and continued on the ice from noon until 4 p.m.

Sheila is a PSA Master Rated coach with more than 25 years of coaching experience.  She currently teaches in and around the Twin Cities in MN.  She has also been a presenter at PSA, CFSA, and ISI International Conferences.

Sheila is the Designer and President of Champion Cords which produces training aids for skaters that teach alignment, position, muscle memory, body awareness, and technique.  She is also the President of Champion Skating Harness, a company that specializes in off-ice harnesses for jump air position training.  She is the Executive Director of Grassroots to Champions and was Skating Director of a large skating school in Minnesota for over 10 years.

Nick is a National, International, and World coach and has been coaching for over 30 years.  He’s been on the faculty of several Team USA Training Camps and has been instrumental in the development of many skating champions worldwide.  His students have included Michael Weiss, Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes and all have benefited from his innovative coaching ideas and knowledge of the hand-held jump harness.  

Nick is perhaps most well known for his pioneering and promotional work with the hand-held jump harness.  The hand-held harness, also called a pole harness, allows skaters to use their normal jump entries while providing safety, a sense of security, and added flight time when attempting difficult jumps.  Nick has used the hand-held harness since it was created.  In fact, because he’s been using the pole harness so often and for so long, almost everyone in the skating industry thinks he invented it.

Nick has been teaching with Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger for over thirty years at the Fairfax Ice Arena in Fairfax, Virginia.  Nick is also a faculty member of Audrey Weisiger’s Grassroots to Champions seminar series.  Nick regularly works with skaters from around the country and around the world.


Important dates

October 13:  Regionals Send-Off

October 11, 12 & 14: Skate Swap at Conway Arena

November 8: Test Session

November 11:  Conway Arena &  Gate City Figure Skating Club Skills Competition

Synchro news

Synchro Stars Intermediate, Open Juvenile & Synchro Skills-2 teams have been hard at work practicing and are looking forward to competitions throughout New England, as well as Eastern Championships in Ft Myers, FL.  We are excited to be working with Conway Arena this season on our new 'Learn to Synchro' program under the direction of Lisa Langley.

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Representing (home club) members from April 1 - August 31, 2017

  • Jacqueline Caefer:  Juvenile Free Skating
  • Kelsey Cochran:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Maggie Cosstick: Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field, Pre-Preliminary Free Skating,  Preliminary Free Skating
  • Gracie Dortona:  Preliminary Free Skating
  • Kelley Dugan:  Adult Blues, Adult Starlight Waltz, Adult Pre-Gold Dance Test
  • Meghan Dugan:  Senior Moves In The Field, Fourteenstep, European Waltz, Foxtrot, Pre-Silver Dance Test
  • Julia Fellows:  Hickory Hoedown, Ten Fox
  • Maggie Fitzgerald:  Juvenile Free Skating, Intermediate Free Skating, Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
  • Emily Frederickson:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field, Pre-Preliminary Free Skating
  • Hannah Goldthwait:  Novice Moves in the Field
  • Genevieve Gratton:  Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Preliminary Dance Test, Swing Dance, Pre-Bronze Dance Test, Pre-Preliminary Free Skating, Preliminary Free Skating
  • Isabella Hesselton:  Preliminary Moves In The Field
  • Catherine Hovan:  Novice Moves In The Field
  • Noelle Lazzari:  Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
  • Carina Lee:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Minghua Li:  Adult Bronze Moves in the Field
  • Victoria Maney:  Adult Silver Moves in the Field
  • Vihangi Maniar:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Kiley McNeil:  Kilian
  • Jocelyn Mogielnicki:  Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Marina Mousis:  Preliminary Free Skating, Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Paige Rowan:  Juvenile Free Skating
  • Jasmin Sabah:  Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Taisiya Sergeeva:  Intermediate Moves in the Field
  • Evaline Snell:  Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Sofia Stever:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field, Pre-Preliminary Free Skating
  • Sarah Strickrott:  Juvenile Moves In the Field
  • Olivia Tall:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field, Pre-Preliminary Free Skating
  • Sophia Tomasello:  Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Jia Waterman:  Intermediate Moves In The Field, Juvenile Free Skating

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