Gate City FSC Sends Sixteen Skaters to Regional Competitions

 Gate City skaters at the regionals send-off, October 13

Gate City skaters at the regionals send-off, October 13

This year our club sent a record number of skaters to the Regional Championship/Fall Classic Competition, held October 18 - 22 in Westborough, MA.  The followiing skaters competed:

  • Clark, Allison - Juvenile Girls
  • Cosstick, Maggie - Preliminary Girls Test Track
  • Dame, Dominique - Novice Ladies Test Track
  • Dortona, Gracie - Preliminary Girls Free Skate
  • Dugan, Meghan - Novice Ladies Test Track
  • Fitzgerald, Maggie - Intermediate Ladies
  • Frederickson, Emily - Preliminary Girls Test Track
  • Gratton, Genevieve - Preliminary Girls Free Skate
  • Langley, Emily - Senior Ladies Test Track
  • McNeil, Kiley - Novice Ladies Test Track
  • Mosher, Sarah - Intermediate Ladies Test Track
  • Mousis, Marina - Preliminary Girls Test Track
  • Newton, Kaitlyn - Juvenile Girls Test Track
  • Perron, Alyssia - Intermediate Ladies Test Track
  • Rowan, Paige - Juvenile Girls
  • Schlunk, Annette -  Pre-Juvenile Girls Test Track

A send-off on October 13 at the rink celebrated our competitors with excerpts from their programs, cake, and the traditional gift for skaters competing at the Juvenile level and above, which this year was a stylish jacket with the club logo, their name, and "Regional Competitor 2018" embroidered on it.

 skaters at the juvenile and above levels received regionals jackets from the club

skaters at the juvenile and above levels received regionals jackets from the club


The Newest Synchro Skills Program at Conway Arena!

This "Learn to Synchro" weekly clinic is coached by Skating Director Lisa Langley.

The current session starts Sunday, December 10 and is for skaters who are at the Basic 5 level and up. The sessions run from 4:40 pm to 5:30 pm and focus on the foundations of Synchro Skills including stroking, crossovers, turns, etc., with an opportunity to perform at exhibitions coming up in the Spring!

The cost for the session will be $200 for twelve weeks of ice-time and instruction.  For more information, please contact





Important dates

April 12  Test Session

April 14  Spring Show Picture Day

May 5  Spring Show

Synchro news

Synchro Stars Intermediate, Open Juvenile & Synchro Skills-2 teams have been hard at work practicing and are looking forward to competitions throughout New England, as well as Eastern Championships in Ft Myers, FL.  We are excited to be working with Conway Arena this season on our new 'Learn to Synchro' program under the direction of Lisa Langley.

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Representing (home club) members from October 1, 2017 - February 5, 2018

  • Jenna Caradonna:  Swing Dance, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Pre-Bronze Dance Test
  • Lena Cook:  Preliminary Free Skating, Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Gracie Dortona:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating, Juvenile Free Skating
  • Julia Fellows:  Fourteenstep, Willow Waltz, Bronze Dance Test
  • Maggie Fitzgerald:  Novice Moves in the Field
  • Harold Fladd:  Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
  • Katherine Gage:  Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Shreya Khanal:  Pre-preliminary Free Skating, Preliminary Free Skating
  • Meghan Lapointe:  Novice Solo Free Dance, Solo Rocker Foxtrot, Solo Silver Dance
  • Sarah Lapointe:  Intermediate Moves in the Field, Solo Swing Dance, Solo Fiesta Tango, Solo Hickory Hoedown, Solo Pre-Bronze Dance Test
  • Ashley McCrady:  Novice Moves in the Field
  • Kiley McNeil:  Novice Free Skating
  • Sarah Mosher:  Intermediate Free Skating
  • Kaitlyn Newton:  Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Reagan O'Neill:  Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Sofia Quintal:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
  • Sarah Strickrott:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
  • Mariella Tomasello:  Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field
  • Sophia Tomasello:  Pre-Preliminary Free Skating, Preliminary Free Skating

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